Top 50 Most Valuable Vintage T-Shirts That Sold On Ebay

Vintage T-Shirts

( Yes, vintage T-shirts are still HOT. Take a stroll through any bar district, college campus, or tech hub and you will see what I’m talking about. I’m not referring to the well-maintained, unstained works of art some people have come to expect.

Forget condition, rips and stains are preferred and have little effect on demand or price. It’s all about the sick colors, nostalgic graphics, distressed pieces, and oversized, loungy streetwear.

This is fashion, no rules, they don’t care.

It feels like iconoclasm has taken over the fashion world, as big brands have lost market share to the Goodwill bins.

I f***ing love it.

Demand for Vintage T-Shirts stretches across all genres, and cultural identifiers, with rap, punk, outlaw, and entertainment leading the way.

Listed below are the 50 most expensive vintage T-shirts sold on eBay in the last 90 days.

1-$6,500 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage 1993 Kurt Cobain Nirvana In Utero Blue Wing European World Tour XL RARE!

2- $6,250 Vtg Lot Nirvana Shirt Shirts T-Shirt Concert Band Grunge Tour 90s Punk Rock

Vintage T-Shirts

3- $5,999 (Best Offer Accepted) 90s Vintage The Professional American Movie Promo XL T-Shirt Luc Besson

Vintage T-Shirts

4- $5,750 (Best Offer Accepted) Robert Mapplethorpe ‘ART’ Mosquitohead Vintage T-Shirt EXTREMELY RARE/XL

5- $5,633 80s Vintage 1988 3D Emblem Road Rebel Harley Davidson Shirt Faded Black XL RARE!

Vintage T-Shirts

6- $4,500 Original vintage Nirvana Heart Shaped Box XL shirt Giant by Tultex Kurt Cobain

7- $4,000 (Best Offer Accepted) vintage marvel mega print X-Men Cable Wolverine Gambit venom carnage spider-man

8- $4,000 (Best Offer Accepted) Vtg Oblivians KILL A PUNK FOR ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Marty Perez Graphic T Shirt Sz L

9- $3,999 Vintage Stanley DeSantis Disney Aladdin Genie T Shirt XL AOP -EXTREMELY RARE

10- $3,750 (Best Offer Accepted) VTG 1998 SPACE GHOST BOX LOGO T Shirt Cartoon Network Coast To Coast Sz Large

Vintage T-Shirts

11- $3,500 Lot Of 48 Vintage Airbrush & Rat Fink Original 80’s Tshirts Ed Roth T-Shirts

12- $3,178 Vintage Harley Davidson Motor Cycles 80s T-Shirt


14- $3,000 (Best Offer Accepted) 3-D Emblem Harley Davidson Trucker T-Shirt Vintage Size Small

15- $3,000 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage 1993 Kali Sound garden Reserve

16- $2,999 1998 Vintage Deftones Around The Fur Artimonde Promo L/S Tee

17- $2,999.95 Vintage Nike Geisha Shirt Official Race Committee Cascade Run Off Tee 1980

18- $2,999 Vintage Mambo Loud We Will Rock You All Over Graphic Queen Rayon Button Shirt M

19- $2,850 RARE Berserk Anime Vintage XL T-Shirt

20- $2,500 1990s AKIRA Kaneda men’s t-shirt size XL FOTL Best white vintage Anime used RARE

Vintage T-Shirts

21- $2,500 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage Slowdive 1993 Souvlaki Tour Shirt Xl Shoegaze

22- $2,420 Vintage 80s 3D Emblem Harley Davidson People You Can Count On T Shirt Small

23- $2,221 (Best Offer Accepted) Rare Vintage 90s Bjork Post T shirt XL Single Stitch Promo

24- $2,200 Vintage Venom Comic Images Shirt Marvel 1994 Single Stitch XL JUMBO PRINT

25- $2,199 Vintage 1993 Soundgarden Kali Superunknown Concert Band Longsleeve T-shirt

Vintage T-Shirts

26- $2,000 Vintage Darkthrone 90s Cradle of filth Bathory Mayhem Marilyn manson Gorgoroth

27- $2,000 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage 2000 Lakers championship tee shirt Kobe And Shaq Rare Dark Wash No Tag

28- $2,000 (Best Offer Accepted) RARE – Vintage 1994 Marvel Punisher MVS1294 SIZE L – Produced by Somio Images

29- $2,000 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage MELVINS Houdini Pussy T-Shirt Frank Kozik Cat Dog Nirvana Tagged XL

30- $2,000 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage Led Zeppelin Shirt 1977 American Tour Icarus brand New never worn Large

Vintage T-Shirts

31- $2,000 Vintage 90s Nirvana Incesticide Shirt Kurt Cobain Original 1993 Single Stitch XL

32- $1,950 Very Rare Vintage The Cure T-Shirts 1982-1986 (10 Shirt Lot – Size L)

33- $1,925 vintage neon genesis evangelion shirt

34- $1,925 VTG 3D Emblem Harley Davidson Shirt 1988 “Hog Power” XL DUQUESNE PA HERITAGE

35- $1,900 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage 1985 Iron Maiden California Invasion T-shirt 

Vintage T-Shirts

36- $1,880 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage 90s Nirvana Vestibule Band Tour Giant XL

37- $1,825 Vintage 90s Magneto T-Shirt – New Old Stock – Extra Large

38- $1,799 Rare Logo Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral NIN Vintage Shirt XL 1994 All Sport

39- $1,799 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage 1994 Batman The Animated Series All Over Print Lightning T-Shirt XL RARE

40- $1,787.99 MBV, My Bloody Valentine Vintage (’92) tee — bought at Hammerjack’s show, 1992

Vintage T-Shirts

41- $1,700 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage MELVINS Frank Kozik Nun 93-94 Tour XL Single Stitch T-Shirt * Super Rare

Vintage T-Shirts

42- $1,600 1974 Pink floyd British tour Crew T Shirt 70s Vintage

Vintage T-Shirts

43- $1,600 Vintage 92 X-Men Marvel Comics T-shirt XL MVS621 Old Stock Never Worn

Vintage T-Shirts

44- $1,600 (Best Offer Accepted) VINTAGE Notorious BIG Biggie Vintage Bay Club Top T Shirt XL LIFE AFTER DEATH

Vintage T-Shirts

45- $1,525 Vintage Easyriders A Way Of Life T-shirt Size L 1988

Vintage T-Shirts

46- $1,499 (Best Offer Accepted) The Mask 1994 T Shirt Promo Jim Carrey Vintage SMOKIN’ CONDITION Super Rare VTG

Vintage T-Shirts

47- $1,500 (Best Offer Accepted) Vintage X Files T Shirt Collection Xl Large Stanle Desantis Sci Fi Bundle 90s

Vintage T-Shirts

48- $1,500 (Best Offer Accepted) Rare Vintage 90’s Tupac Shakur Makaveli Hail Mary Black T-shirt Size XXL

Vintage T-Shirts

49- $1,500.01 Alice In Chains Tour T Shirt Layne X-Ray Single Stitch XL True Vintage 1992 AIC

Vintage T-Shirts

50- $1,500 (Best Offer Accepted) vintage the flaming lips tshirt 90’s alien girl space giant tag Tultex grunge

Vintage T-Shirts

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