Can You Make Money Selling Postcards?

selling postcards

Yes, you can definitely make money selling postcards. Over the last 90 days 520,000 postcards have sold on eBay

Here’s a few reasons you should start selling postcards on eBay or Etsy.

  1. Sourcing: Postcards are readily available from various sources such as Facebook Marketplace, garage sales, and eBay itself, making it easy to build up your inventory
  2. Space: Concerned about storage space? No problem! You can neatly organize thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory in a simple Tupperware bin.
  3. Effortless Listing: Listing postcards on eBay or Etsy is a breeze. Utilize this Epson printer to effortlessly scan them in, saving you countless hours of tedious listing work.
  4. Affordable Shipping Supplies: Obtain shipping supplies with ease and at a low cost. Bulk purchases of top loaders or cardboard stock from platforms like Amazon can be acquired for under $10.
  5. Cost-Effective Shipping: Shipping postcards is economical, with an average shipping cost of just $1.25 per item, ensuring your profit margins remain healthy.

New Revenue Opportunity

If you’re seeking an additional revenue stream, selling postcards presents an excellent opportunity to boost your income. Enhance your expertise by watching an informative video on How To Identify Valuable Postcards.

Let me know if you have had success selling postcards in the comments below. 

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