The Source Magazine Back Issues are Soaring on eBay

The Source Magazine

( The Source Magazine had a profound impact on Hip-Hop, no matter what Benzino does to muck up his legacy.

Back when the news wasn’t at our indented phone-tapping fingers, I would anxiously spend the beginning of the month scouring my local bookstore for Hip-Hop magazines.

In the early 90s, there was a plethora of regional and underground publications that covered the Hip-Hop and Rap scene. Some of you may remember-Murder Dog, Rap Pages, 4080, Rap Sheet, HHC, Vibe, URB, FEDS, Don Diva, Scratch, Ego Trip, Blaze, XXL, and most notably, The Source Magazine.

I have fond memories of the Source, most notably the covers. The photography was high post. The Unsigned Hype column was my personal favorite. This column served as a launching pad for many notable artists such as Eminem, DMX, Common, and Biggie, giving them their initial exposure to a wider audience.

Today, collectors are paying high prices for back issues of The Source Magazine, reflecting its enduring impact and cultural significance.

Listed below are the ten most valuable issues of The Source Magazine that have sold on eBay in the last 90 days.

1- $587 De La Soul

The Source Magazine

2-$265 LL Cool J

3- $199 De La Soul

4-$200 (Best Offer Accepted) Wu-Tang Clan

5-$199.95 EPMD

The Source Magazine

6- $175 Snoop & Dr. Dre

7-$149.99 Eazy-E

8-$149.95 EPMD

9- $149.95 Big Daddy Kane

10- $129 Eminem

The Source Magazine

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The Source

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