Which bubble wrap is the best to use?

Bubble Wrap

Have you ever wondered which bubble wrap is the best to use? Well, your not alone. Shipping fragile items to customers requires careful handling, and having an a company you can trust is essential to the success of your business.

But there’s a murky side to these little bubbles that may surprise you.

A handful of companies have been caught shortchanging customers on the total length, and we’re not talking about mere inches here.

Fortunately, one company has emerged unscathed from a YouTuber’s investigation: American Bubble Boy. They’ve consistently delivered on their advertised length and provided quality protection for your packages.

As an eBay seller with 15 years of experience, I can personally vouch for quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service offered by American Bubble Boy.

Please note this article isn’t a paid promotion by American Bubble Boy; I love their product and hope you do to.

You can visit American Bubble Boy at their website, or grab a few rolls of Amazon using the links below.

Bubble Wrap 175′, Small 3/16 Cushioning, 175ft with Perforated Every 12″

Bubble Wrap

Official Sealed Air Bubble Wrap – American Bubble Boy (360′ Medium (5/16″) Bubble Wrap)

Bubble Wrap

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